Emergency Site Restoration

Disasters happen and emergencies occur, always in an unexpected location and at an unforeseen time. Knepp Incorporated is positioned to restore the calm in the midst of the storm.

One of Knepp Incorporated’s “strong suits” is our ability to construct temporary facilities and restore services and utilities to ravaged areas affected by natural disasters. We make it happen immediately.

The process to restore a site which has been destroyed by a natural disaster is significantly more challenging than developing a new project. In additional to dealing with the debris and lack of resources, the greatest challenge is time. When time is of the essence and moments count, Knepp Incorporated responds. We have the expertise to construct temporary facilities in obscure locations or areas previously occupied by structures.

OurLogistical Support Services Include:

Temporary Utilities

A key component to site restoration is getting basic utilities back online…

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Utility Restoration

We have a great deal of experience in quickly restoring services and utilities to areas…

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Portable Buildings

Knepp is able to rapidly deploy portable buildings for storage, housing quarters, offices…

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Security Fencing

Ensuring that your restored site remains secure during the restoration process is…

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Self-Sustaining Solutions

We can restore the entire infrastructure affected by.…

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Walkways & Access

We design effective means for vehicle travel and pedestrian movement…

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Communications & IT

We have extensive expertise in importing and restoring IT and communication…

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KneppEmergency Site Restoration