Dynamic Staging

The construction process is typically linear, with one stage following another. For most industrial and commercial contractors, you cannot move on to item 2 until item 1 is done. The problem is that there are always issues when dealing with complex manufacturing equipment. Often equipment is delivered at the wrong time and must be installed immediately, parts are missing, or delivered out of order. Or it arrives before base systems are complete. All of this generally results in construction delays.

Not with Knepp Incorporated. Or dynamic staging model allows us to adjust our staging process to ensure the most time-efficient and cost-effective design and build. We have spent decades developing this dynamic approach, and can respond at a moment’s notice to change direction, reorder processes, and employ additional resources to ensure your equipment is installed correctly, on time, and cost-effectively, regardless of unforeseen events like weather, inspectors, delayed deliveries, insufficient supplies…We don’t let anything stop our work from moving forward…so your project is always moving forward.

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