Remember Hurricane Katrina?

Within 10 days a permanent Incident Command Post was established. Utilities, communications, housing, and all vital services were in place enabling the EPA to perform its critical role in assessing and restoring the environment.

Knepp Incorporated has provided logistical support for various government entities in disaster situations.  We are positioned to provide National Logistical Support Services through established affiliated partners.

Our expertise is our ability to respond to a crisis situation immediately with temporary shelter, emergency housing, and utility solutions to help government, not-for-profit, and private entities cope with disasters by standing ready to assist at a moment’s notice.

Our Logistical Support Services Include:

Portable Support Structures

From mobile kitchens and medical trailers to long-term…

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Food Service

Fully functional kitchens, food preparation areas, cafeteria areas and support staff…

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Aviation Support

When roads are impassable we get resources where they are needed fast…

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Temporary Utilities

It is imperative that basic utilities be restored as quickly as possible…

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Temporary Housing

Rapidly deploy portable buildings for housing quarters and offices…

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Transportation Support

Geographical repositioning of equipment and personnel at a very competitive price…

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Mobile Showers

Sanitary bathing facilities are critical when  dealing with unsanitary conditions…

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Information Technology

From mobile server centers to dedicated satellites…

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On-Site Security

Sites are completely fenced in, with controlled access and 24/7 armed security…

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Medical Trailers

We bring in medical trailers that provide complete emergency medical services…

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We have extensive expertise in restoring communication in disaster areas…

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