Facility Environmental Services

Industrial decontamination and environmental services have become an essential part of the manufacturing industry.

With stringent regulations and standards placed on industry by various federal agencies, there is a heightened awareness of requirements towards environmental health and safety. We can assist in bringing your site in compliance with ISO 14001-2004. Knepp Incorporated has been providing unparalleled expertise in a wide range of environmental services for many years.

Relevant Clients

Our Facilities Environmental Services Include:


Decontamination of facilities and equipment contaminated with PCBs, lead, asbestos.…

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Site Remediation

Knepp Incorporated performs remediation and site services, which encompass…

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Hazardous Waste Management

We establish on-site waste management programs to…

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Spill Response

Remediation that removes the contaminants and helps restore the environment…

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Chemical Transfer

We understand that there are many unique requirements with chemical transportation…

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Bioremediation Services

We take a unique approach to Bioremediation:…

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