Value Driven Cost Analysis & Dynamic Scheduling

Accurate. Predictable. No Surprises. We deliver accurate, detailed estimates prepared at the conceptual, schematic, design development, and construction document stages – as well as interim updates. We have an extensive historical cost database that is constantly updated with the latest market information.

While every contractor provides estimating and scheduling services, our expertise in Value Engineering and Dynamic Staging take these rather mundane to tasks to exciting levels of efficiency.

Our breath and depth of experience allows us to objectively approach any industrial or commercial construction project, no matter how complex or distressed, regardless of the current progress, and identify the most efficient path forward to meet the build objectives.

Because we have been in the in the construction industry for more than 25 years, we excel at managing complex projects that require constant modification of the staging process to ensure the most time-efficient and cost-effective design and build.

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KneppCost Analysis and Scheduling