Project Planning

Engineering solutions to meet the most complex challenges: Knepp Incorporated’s ability to identify cost saving opportunities and value engineer even the most complex projects for optimal efficiency is the primary reason our clients involve us from the very beginning.

Our project design process incorporates early involvement of construction and commissioning expertise to ensure projects are designed to be constructed and operated in the most efficient manner. We become an invaluable partner to our clients throughout the planning and design process, with a structured and detailed methodology that includes comprehensive cost and project controls that allow us to bring every job to a successful completion.

Pre-construction services include budgeting, scheduling, value engineering and planning. When we are hired during the conceptual or schematic design stage we can help identify the most efficient materials, systems and methods to accomplish the goals of the project – and our client.

Our Project Planning Services Include:

Design Capabilities

Designing solutions that align with client objectives…

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Dynamic Scheduling

We call it dynamic staging and it allows us…

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Design Reviews

Design reviews ensure adherence to client…

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Construction-Driven Execution

We give top consideration…

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Engineering Capabilities

Decades of expertise in…

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Value Engineering

A record of success in finding major savings

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