Design Reviews that Ensure Adherence to Client Project Requirements

Our design reviews at key stages help ensure consistent, efficient focus on the project deliverables throughout the design process including:

Construct-ability, Maintainability, and Operability (CMO) reviews: identify construction approach issues to optimize the project’s quality, safety, capital cost, and construction schedule; ensure plant design minimizes impacts associated with maintenance and prestart-up maintenance planning; focuses on minimizing post-startup life cycle costs of a plant and addresses plant operation, logistics, and support issues appropriate during a project’s design phases.

Value Engineering reviews: Knepp applies value engineering to projects at all levels of project execution. Value engineering reviews use proven techniques at multiple design phases, with the primary objective of reducing cost without compromising project quality.

Plant Operations Safety (HAZOP) reviews: that ensure critical safety and operating characteristics are addressed to ensure safe and proper functioning of the completed facility.

Inter-discipline reviews: to ensure that necessary interfaces have occurred between the various Engineering disciplines assigned to the project.

Model reviews: are conducted with the Client ensure the design accurately reflects the detailed definition of the project scope of work and design input requirements.

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