Client Testimonials

What our customers say about their experience working with Knepp, Inc.

“For over 10 years you have kept this place running without any incidents. Your attention to detail and your “get it done” attitude is incredible. We appreciate the invaluable service your organization provides.”

Advanced Micro Devices

“By far the best we have worked with! Knepp Incorporated is reliable in an industry where reliability is critical!”


“Knepp Incorporated has been providing a wide range of services to Intel for many years, and always with professionalism, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.”


“I would categorize Knepp’s ability in the technology field very high. They have worked with semi-conductor before, they’ve worked with solar before. They have definitely have worked with lots of big-scale recovery projects for the government, hurricane and disaster relief, etc. So they know how to mobilize. They definitely can bring in the right talent when they need to. They can bring in the right equipment when they need to. And they’re networked very well to do that.”

Mission Solar Energy

“The staff that Knepp Incorporated provided us to start up the Sony facility in San Antonio, Texas, was fantastic their knowledge and expertise, along with a strong desire to work, exceeded all our expectations. We will continue to use Knepp Inc. to provide us with service technicians at all of our facilities. They always exceed our expectations, and our clients are 100% satisfied.”

Koch Industries

“In the days following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Knepp Incorporated was able to rapidly build the EPA & Coast Guard command center. In addition to building the facility, they restored power and built a substation to provide power to all operations center facilities. They provided IT and communication infrastructures. They built housing for over 2,000 support staff and emergency workers, as well as an industrial kitchen, laundry services, and 24 hour security. They even took into account the layout of the water and wastewater along with designing effective means for vehicle travel and pedestrian movement…They basically built an entire city. They were a life saver.”

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

“Thanks for your many years of great service, and the many projects that have run smoothly!”


“Great work! It is refreshing to work with a contractor who does what they say they will do, and when they say they will do it! Thanks for your integrity and hard work.”


“Your responsiveness and resourcefulness were incredibly helpful in helping us deal with the BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.”

U.S. Coast Guard

“Whatever was required to pull the project in on the timeline and to pull out any unnecessary costs, Knepp did. And they did this by value engineering the project…almost on a daily basis.”


“Great Job! The schedule we set was impossible to achieve, yet you did it.”


“Knepp Incorporated has been a pleasure to work with on the San Antonio facility. We are 100% satisfied with the work they have done, and highly recommend them.”


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