Equipment & Tool Line Installation

Knepp Incorporated specializes in equipment installation, ranging from industrial and process equipment to sensitive laboratory apparatus. We can install a single piece of machinery or provide turnkey services for an entire facility.

We deliver exceptional value in large part due to our ability to complete work with our own team. Self-performing mechanical equipment installation on your project allows us to control every aspect – from preconstruction to punchlist. By owning our own equipment, we do not have to rely on the availability of other vendors to ensure that we have the proper tools for your project.

By utilizing our own skilled trades, we have the resources to meet the demands of our industrial clients, regardless of project size or market conditions. Our team’s depth of experience gives us the ability to customize your project schedule while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety standards.

Through our constant value engineering process and dynamic staging protocol we are able to meet your deadlines and quality standards while
finding numerous opportunities for cost savings.

“Knepp Incorporated has been providing a wide range of services to Intel for many years, and always with professionalism, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.”



We would love to discuss your project and how we can help save you time and money!