Value Engineering Specialists

Value engineering is an area in which Knepp Inc. excels, with an established record of success in achieving major cost benefits for our clients.

Value engineering is a formal, structured process to ensure capital projects meet or exceed cost objectives without compromising project quality. Knepp Incorporated’s project teams use value engineering throughout a project, evaluating options with a focus on reducing project capital costs as well as life-cycle costs.

Our value engineering process divides the total project’s scope of work into components, and examines each individual component for alternatives. This process yields benefits in the areas of engineering design, material selection, equipment, construction, operations and maintenance. It is a structured application of proven techniques, applied at multiple phases of the project, with the primary objective to identify cost reductions.

“Whatever was required to pull the project in on the timeline and to pull out any unnecessary costs, Knepp did. And they did this by value engineering the project…almost on a daily basis.”



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