Facilities Engineering

Knepp Inc. provides full engineering support and consulting services. We strive to bring our clients design solutions that emphasize long-term reliability with minimal maintenance requirements.

We create solutions that satisfy the many technical disciplines in a constantly changing industry, and work to develop sustainable energy efficiency over the useful life of the systems. We can efficiently respond to technical issues and coordinate efforts and resources to complete even the most complex project on time and within budget.

“I would categorize Knepp’s ability in the technology field very high. They have worked with semi-conductor before, they’ve worked with solar before. They have definietly have worked with lots of big-scale recovery projects for the government, hurricane and disaster relief, etc. So they know how to mobilize. They definitely can bring in the right talent when they need to. They can bring in the right equipment when they need to. And they’re networked very well to do that.”

Mission Solar Energy


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